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20 Ways to Take Extremely Good Care of Your Elderly Parents

Are your parents aging and beginning to need more of your help?  Sometimes we become lost as to where to start or how to help our parents.  Country Club Rehabilitation Campus has come up with a list to help you take good care of your elderly parents.


Making the Transition to Retirement – The 3 Essential D’s

Transitioning to retirement can be a daunting task. And millions of people will retire over the next two decades. Retirement looks different for every person. Regardless, everyone facing retirement must ask “How will I live my life to the fullest for the next 20-30 years?”


The Active Senior

Studies show that people who stay active for their whole life are likely to stay healthy. Staying active increases your overall mental, spiritual, and emotional health. But how do you stay active as a senior?


Tips for Retirement Couples

Reaching retirement is like reaching the top of a peak on a mountain – It’s a bit easier to see your mistakes on the path behind you. It is also easier to see your accomplishments, your strengths, and your proud moments - especially with relationships. And at the end of the day, it’s important to focus on the positive things that have taken you to the place you are currently. Every step is forward but we can learn from the past.


Maintaining Old and New Friendships

Friendship is one of life’s biggest blessings. But having friends not only is a blessing to emotional wellness, but also our physically wellness. Researchers suggest that strong social ties supports brain health as we age, reduces stress, and improves good health and longevity.