Good Old-Fashioned Home Cooking

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Good Old-Fashioned Home Cooking is the best kept secret of the Country Club Rehabilitation Campus experience.  Meals are made to order from scratch by our personal chefs, who use only the freshest ingredients. Registered dieticians keep close tabs on residents’ nutritional needs, so that their delicious meal choices still support the care plan designed by each individuals’ physician.  We believe it is important for all of our Country Club Campuses to utilize the latest technology in order to provide residents our unique dining experience.  Our SureQuest software system supports residents’ diet, recipe, snack and menu management, nutritional analysis, and tableside select menus.  Along with SureQuest, our ThreeSquares software provides us with the ability to make real time menu changes, document all necessary items, and ties everything together in an easy-to-read format.  The use of this software has given us the ability to manage all our residents’ diets through a comprehensive but easy to manage system for both our team of employees and our residents.


The Person-Centered dining experience allows our residents to take control of one of the most important aspects of their daily lives.  Quality of life is enhanced through choice, variety, and customer service through our restaurant dining.  We recognized that our Good Old-Fashioned dining program was the key to our Person-Centered Care concept, and our Country Club Campuses received 97% in resident satisfaction.  This program and all meal choices are available in any of our restaurants, serving independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing suites.


Our own Corporate Chef, leads our Person-Centered dining experience which features:

  • Highly trained chefs in our kitchens
  • Local, fresh ingredients used to create tasty soups, appetizer, entrées, and desserts
  • Signature menu items suggested by our residents

Quality of Life

  • Enticing aromas fill the campus, stimulating appetites, and drawing residents out of their rooms and into the dining room.

  • Increased socialization reduces depressive behaviors, resulting in reduced use of psychotropic
    anti-depressive medications, which are counter-productive to the quality of life.

Proper Nutrition

  • Calcium and other nutrients improve bone health and speed bone healing, allowing for faster recovery from injuries.

  • Well supervised nutrition programs provide an overall increase in energy, which leads to an improved quality of life.

Excellent Hydration

  • Prevents muscle cramping and quickens muscular response.

  • Provides more productive therapy workouts.

  • Assists in carrying nutrients and oxygen to the cells which prevents common infections such as URIs and UTIs.