Diabetic Training and Teaching



General Care

There are two things every individual with diabetes should check to determine their health and the severity of their diabetes.


1. Blood Glucose – Testing your blood glucose levels on a daily basis helps you understand and know your current health and alerts you to any concerns that should be addressed.


2. Feet – Due to the feet naturally having poor blood circulation, having diabetes can significantly worsen this problem and result in some very serious symptoms. Thus, it is advised that you check your feet for any cuts, breaks in the skin, or irritation.




In addition, our trained nurses will know exactly how to help your aging loved one through other health concerns that may increase the risk diabetes already presents such as other sicknesses, stress, infections, high blood pressure issues, etc.


Preventing Other Diseases

Diabetes can result in other health issues such as heart problems, vascular disease, and kidney functionality. To prevent these diseases and the increasing severity of your aging loved one’s diabetes, our trained nurses and staff make sure your loved one takes all the necessary steps to living a healthy, happy life through regiment, exercise, nutrition, medication, and professional care.


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