Dental Services

Those with elderly loved ones will know, and have possibly experienced, how often oral hygiene is neglected in nursing homes and senior living facilities across the country. The Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors found that 30% of residents had “substantial oral debris on at least two-thirds of their teeth,” in the twenty nursing homes they surveyed. Other reports and studies have found that some aging residents never have their teeth cleaned and those that do receive a dental cleaning that lasts less than 16 seconds. This treatment is often due to overwhelmed nurses and staff who simply put other important tasks before oral hygiene. Regardless, no one deserves such careless treatment, let alone the seniors and elderly loved ones we are called to respect and care for. That is why Country Club Rehabilitation Campus has made it a priority to provide regular dental services through our trained nurses and staff.



What is the Law?

OBRA ’87 set the standard for all nursing homes when it comes to providing care and services to elderly residents. More specifically, this act also addresses the guidelines for dental services and makes each nursing home directly responsible for providing both routine and emergency dental services. There are six dental service regulations that every nursing home should uphold:


  1. Assist residents in obtaining routine and 24-hour emergency dental care.
  2. Provide or obtain routine and emergency dental services by either hiring on staff or contracting with a dentist to meet the needs of each resident in a skilled nursing facility.
  3. Charge (if desired) a Medicare resident (but not a Medicaid resident) an additional amount for routine, and again for emergency, dental services.
  4. Provide or obtain from an outside resource emergency dental services as well as routine dental services (to the extent covered under the State Medicaid Plan) to meet the needs of Medicaid residents.
  5. Assist the resident in making appointments and arranging for transportation to and from the dentist’s office.
  6. Promptly refer a resident with lost or damaged dentures to a dentist.


Many states are trying to better uphold these regulations but numerous nursing homes fail every year to adequately maintain the oral health of their elderly residents.


Our Services

Because oral hygiene in nursing homes is currently lacking, Country Club Rehabilitation Campus has made it a priority to train our nurses and staff in not only the cleaning of teeth, dentures, and partials, but also the identification of serious dental problems that only experts are qualified to address.


  • Emergency Care
    If and when a severe dental health risk is identified, an onsite or outside professional dentist is contacted within 24-hours to come to the facility or set up an appointment for a given resident. The dentist will then address the dental issue(s) we have identified when the dentist comes to our facility or when we transport your aging loved one to their dental appointment.