A good diet is important for anyone, but it is especially important as our bodies get older and have less tolerance for widely varying intakes. Food choices made on a daily basis make a big difference in how our bodies feel, how they operate, and how they look. Why? Because eating well promotes energy. Calorie Read More →

The decision to move to a new home is never easy.  It often takes much preparation and planning to choose the right place to call home.  When choosing a home for your loved one or family member, it is important to visit the facility several times to ensure what you are seeing and hearing is Read More →

Did you know that according to the law, nursing-home residents do have rights. A list should be available to every resident and family member admitted or at any time upon request. Residents or their advocates should be aware of these specific rights.  Rights may vary from state to state. At the least residents should have Read More →