Bariatric Care

Considering weight loss surgery is a very difficult decision for anyone to make, particularly for the elderly parents and grandparents we love and adore. The benefits of such a procedure are considerably helpful to both the health and overall happiness of any individual but for our aging loved ones, who can no longer care for themselves, many questions are left unanswered. Can age affect the danger or success of bariatric surgery? What sort of care is needed? Who will help and assisted our loved one before and after the surgery? Let Country Club Rehabilitation Campus answer your questions and relieve your concerns.



New studies show that not only is bariatric surgery very beneficial to aging individuals but age does not present any serious risks to having the procedure done. While individuals over the age of 65 should expect longer hospital stays, researchers found that elderly individuals were not at substantially greater risk than adults in their 30s and 40s.



To get the best results from a bariatric surgery, certain procedures must take place before and after the surgery.


Before Surgery


After Surgery



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